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The Best Attractions In Alatskivi

Alatskivi Castle (vald) Tarmo Soodla
Aqva Hotel & Spa Water Park and Sauna Complex Juhani Ronkanen
Oru Park Valeri Kurnossov
Rakvere Castle Alois Chumchal
Alatskivi Castle is a Neo-Gothic castle in Alatskivi, Estonia. Dating to the 17th century, it is situated in Alatskivi Parish, Tartu County. It was rebuilt in the late 19th century by Baron Arved von Nolcken, modeled on the royal residence of Balmoral in Scotland. A renovation occurred between 2005 and 2011. Five rooms on the first floor house the Eduard Tubin museum, which documents his accomplishments as a music composer and conductor. Alatskivi Castle is surrounded by various ancillary buildings and a forested park of 130 hectares area, the largest in Tartu County. The park contains many oaks, ashes, maples, alders and an approach road lined with li...
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The Best Attractions In Alatskivi

  • 1. Alatskivi Castle (vald) Alatskivi
    Alatskivi Parish was a rural municipality in Tartu County, Estonia.
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  • 2. Eduard Tubin Museum Alatskivi
    Eduard Tubin was an Estonian composer, conductor, and choreographer who lived in Sweden from 1944 onwards.
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  • 4. Rakvere Castle Rakvere
    Rakvere is a town in northern Estonia and the county seat of Lääne-Viru County, 20 km south of the Gulf of Finland.
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  • 7. Oru Park Toila
    Oru Palace was a palace in the northeastern part of Toila in the Viru valley of Jõhvi Parish in Ida-Viru County, Estonia. The palace was originally the holiday home of a Russian merchant, Grigory Jelisejev, and later the summer residence of the Estonian head of state. It was built in the Italian renaissance style by Gavril Baranovski, with park designer Georg Kuphaldt. The 57-room three-story building was completed in 1899. The palacee descends towards the river terraces, and also contains riding stables and manege. Alleged construction of the palace and the park was the total cost of 5 million gold rubles. After the Bolshevik revolution of October, Jelissejev went to Paris. The land belonging to the palace was not sold as it was farmland. In 1934, Jelissejev was not willing to sell land ...
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  • 9. Valaste Waterfall Kohtla
    Valaste is a village in Toila Parish, Ida-Viru County in northeastern Estonia. It's the location of Estonian highest Valaste Waterfall. Before the 2017 Administrative Reform, the village belonged to Kohtla Parish.
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