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The Best Attractions In Haademeeste

Soomaa National Park giorgi sulamanidze
Lake Viljandi Mart Meriküll
Viljandi Lossipark Heiki Tomann
Viljandi Rope Bridge Eva Parnsalu
Helme Caves Katrin Anvelt
Häädemeeste is a small borough in Pärnu County, southwestern Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Häädemeeste Parish. Häädemeeste has a population of 790 .
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The Best Attractions In Haademeeste

  • 5. Lake Viljandi Viljandi
    Lake Viljandi is a lake in Viljandi County, Estonia. The lake is in the deep primeval valley of Viljandi, depth 11 m , length 4.6 km , width 450 m , and surface area 1.55 km2 . The Uueveski and Valuoja streams and a number of springs flow into the lake. From the south-western part of the lake the Raudna River flows out. The main fish in the lake are bream, roach, perch and pike. The lake and its shores make up the Viljandi landscape protection area. The Grand Race around Lake Viljandi is held annually.
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  • 6. Helme Caves Helme
    Helme is a small borough in Helme Parish, Valga County, in southern Estonia. It's located only 2 km northwest of the town of Tõrva by the Valga–Pärnu road . At the 2011 Census, the settlement's population was 167.Helme church parish was first mentioned in 1329 during a Lithuanian raid. Most of the neighbouring land was fiefed in the 15th–16th centuries. Livonian Order castle in Helme was probably built in the first half of the 14th century. The site on a steep hill is believed to have been used as a stronghold earlier by Sackalians in the Ancient Estonia. By its ground plan the order castle was 120×60 m oval shaped structure, surrounded by two moats. There was a borough beside the castle in the Middle Ages, it was mentioned until the 17th century. The castle was destroyed by the Swe...
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  • 8. Soomaa National Park Estonia
    Soomaa National Park is a national park in south-western Estonia. Soomaa protects 390 km², and is a Ramsar site of protected wetlands. The park was created in 1993.
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