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The Best Attractions In Kihelkonna

Vilsandi National Park Sergei Lihtariov
Panga Cliff Urmas Z
Angla Windmill Park Dieter Knausenberger
Kaali Meteoritics and Limestone Museum Maksim Bulonin
GoodKaarma OÜ Chamara Wijesinghe
Kopu Lighthouse Anatoly Ko
Kihelkonna is a small borough in Saare County, on the western part of Saaremaa Island, Estonia. It was the administrative centre of Kihelkonna Parish .
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The Best Attractions In Kihelkonna

  • 1. Harilaid Kihelkonna
    The Harilaid Peninsula is a peninsula on the northwest coast of the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. It should not be confused with the islet of Harilaid which lies between the islands of Vormsi and Hiiumaa. Harilaid covers an area of 4.5 km2 and is low lying . It is connected to the mainland by a 300-metre wide neck of land, and was a separate island until the end of the 17th century.Large numbers of birds stop on Harilaid on their migration route, and there is a resting site of grey seals on the west coast. There is a large pine plantation on the peninsula, started in the 1970s and inhabited by elk and wild boar. The peninsula was added to the Vilsandi National Park in 1993.There is no record of a settled population on the peninsula. The Kiipsaare lighthouse was built at the tip of the pen...
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  • 2. Vilsandi National Park Kihelkonna
    Vilsandi National Park is a national park in Saare County, Estonia. It includes part of the island of Vilsandi, a number of smaller islands, adjacent parts of western Saaremaa and the Harilaid peninsula on Saaremaa, all in Kihelkonna Parish and Lääne-Saare Parish. The park grew from a bird reserve founded in 1910. It is a highly sensitive ecosystem due to the use of the area as stop-over by many migratory birds, like barnacle geese and Steller's eider, and as a breeding and nesting ground for over 247 species of birds, of which the most common is the eider duck. One third of all protected plant species in Estonia can also be found in the national park. Hunting is absolutely prohibited. This park is a popular tourist destination for both Estonians and foreign visitors, particularly from F...
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  • 4. St. Michael's Church Kihelkonna
    Kihelkonna St. Michael's Church, sometimes simply Kihelkonna Church, is a medieval Lutheran church on Saaremaa island in western Estonia.
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  • 5. Kopu Lighthouse Korgessaare
    Kõpu Lighthouse is one of the best known symbols and tourist sights on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, having been in continuous use since its completion in 1531.The lighthouse marks the Hiiu Shoal and warns ships away from the shoreline. Light from Kõpu Lighthouse can be used for navigation as far as 26 nautical miles away, although in 1997 a radar lighthouse largely took over its role as navigation aid.Kõpu Lighthouse was previously known under its Swedish name, Upper Dagerort lighthouse.
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  • 6. Panga Cliff Panga
    Panga Cliff is a coastal cliff located on the northern shore of Saaremaa, at the end of the Kuressaare - Võhma road, close to Panga village. It is the highest of the Saaremaa and Muhu cliffs, reaching a height of 20 metres. The entire cliff is approximately 2.5 km long.Panga cliff consists of at least three terraces - besides the main cliff, there is a smaller cliff with a height of few metres further inland and underwater cliff with height about 10–12 metres few hundred metres into the sea.
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  • 9. Saare Lighthouse Torgu
    Saare County , or Saaremaa; is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It consists of Saaremaa, the largest island of Estonia, and several smaller islands near it, most notably Muhu, Ruhnu, Abruka and Vilsandi. The county borders Lääne County to the east and Hiiu County to the north. In January 2013 Saare County had a population of 30,966 – constituting 2.4% of the population of Estonia.
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