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The Best Attractions In New Mexico

Black Mesa Golf Club Marty Mart
White Sands National Monument Lucas Keene
Rockhound State Park Linda Adami
Santa Fe National Forest Marietta Crane
Carlsbad Caverns Natural Entrance Tour Miguel Alex Cantu
Sandia Mountains ウエストデイブ
The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Faisal Amin
Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge Antonio Brito
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Greg Thompson
Petroglyph National Monument Matthew Taylor
Eagle Nest Lake Yu Shao
Deming Luna Mimbres Museum Bill Jacobs
Carson National Forest Issac Daniels
Very Large Array Kent Borg
International UFO Museum and Research Center Will Warstler
New Mexico is a state in the Southwestern Region of the United States of America. It is one of the Mountain States and shares the Four Corners region with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona; its other neighboring states are Oklahoma to the northeast, Texas to the east-southeast, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua to the south and Sonora to the southwest. With a population of approximately two million, New Mexico is the 36th most populous state. With a total area of 121,590 sq mi , it is the fifth-largest and sixth least densely populated of the fifty states. Its capital and cultural center is Santa Fe, while its largest city is Albuquerque. Due to its geogra...
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The Best Attractions In New Mexico

  • 1. White Sands National Monument Alamogordo
    White Sands National Monument is a United States national monument located in the state of New Mexico on the north side of Route 70 about 16 miles southwest of Alamogordo in western Otero County and northeastern Doña Ana County. The monument is situated at an elevation of 4,235 feet in the mountain-ringed Tularosa Basin and comprises the southern part of a 275 sq mi field of white sand dunes composed of gypsum crystals. The gypsum dune field is the largest of its kind on Earth.
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  • 3. Carlsbad Caverns National Park Carlsbad Caverns National Park
    Carlsbad Caverns National Park is an American national park in the Guadalupe Mountains of southeastern New Mexico. The primary attraction of the park is the show cave, Carlsbad Cavern. Visitors to the cave can hike in on their own via the natural entrance or take an elevator from the visitor center. The park entrance is located on US Highway 62/180, approximately 18 miles southwest of Carlsbad, New Mexico. Carlsbad Caverns National Park participates in the Junior Ranger Program. The park has two entries on the National Register of Historic Places: The Caverns Historic District and the Rattlesnake Springs Historic District. Approximately two thirds of the park has been set aside as a wilderness area, helping to ensure no future changes will be made to the habitat. Carlsbad Cavern includes a...
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  • 4. Deming Luna Mimbres Museum Deming
    Deming is a city located in Luna County, New Mexico, United States, 60 miles west of Las Cruces and thirty-three miles north of the Mexican border. The population was 14,855 according to the 2010 census. Deming is the county seat and principal community of Luna County.
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  • 5. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument Cochiti Pueblo
    Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is a U.S. National Monument located approximately 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico, near Cochiti Pueblo. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management , it was established as a U.S. National Monument by President Bill Clinton in January 2001. Kasha-Katuwe means white cliffs in the Pueblo language Keresan. The monument is a unit of the BLM's National Conservation Lands.
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  • 6. The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Albuquerque
    The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is a national repository of nuclear science information chartered by the 102nd United States Congress under Public Law 102-190, and located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The mission of the National Atomic Museum is to serve as America's resource for nuclear history and science. The Museum presents exhibits and quality educational programs that convey the diversity of individuals and events that shape the historical and technical context of the nuclear age.
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  • 7. Petroglyph National Monument Albuquerque
    Petroglyph National Monument stretches 17 miles along Albuquerque, New Mexico's West Mesa, a volcanic basalt escarpment that dominates the city's western horizon. Authorized June 27, 1990, the 7,236 acre monument is cooperatively managed by the National Park Service and the City of Albuquerque. The western boundary of the monument features a chain of dormant fissure volcanoes. Beginning in the northwest corner, Butte volcano is followed to its south by Bond, Vulcan, Black and JA volcanoes. Petroglyph National Monument protects a variety of cultural and natural resources including five volcanic cones, hundreds of archeological sites and an estimated 24,000 images carved by Ancestral Pueblo peoples and early Spanish settlers. Many of the images are recognizable as animals, people, brands and...
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  • 8. ABQ BioPark Zoo Albuquerque
    The Albuquerque Biological Park is an environmental museum located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It contains four separate facilities: Albuquerque Aquarium - An aquarium with a 285,000-US-gallon ocean tank containing Gulf of Mexico saltwater species from estuaries, surf zone, shallow waters, coral reefs, and ocean, as well as many other exhibits. ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden - A 36-acre botanic garden that includes a 10,000-square-foot glass conservatory housing plants from desert and Mediterranean climate zones. Rio Grande Zoo - A 64-acre zoo, with 2.5 miles of paths and more than 250 species of exotic and native animals. Elephants, giraffes, camels, lions, tigers, snow leopards, polar bears, hippos, gorillas, chimpanzees, zebras, and seals can be found here, along with more unusual animals s...
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  • 9. Albuquerque Old Town Albuquerque
    The Albuquerque Journal is the largest newspaper in the U.S. state of New Mexico.
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  • 10. Explora Science Center and Children's Museum of Albuquerque Albuquerque
    Explora is a science center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, located near Old Town Albuquerque. Its name is the imperative form of the Spanish language verb explorar, which means to explore. The museum employs a hands-on, inquiry-based learning approach to science, math and art. The museum has 20,000 square feet of exhibit space on two floors, which contain over 250 interactive exhibits that cover a broad range of science, technology and art. Notable exhibits include a laminar flow fountain, an experiment bar, an arts and crafts area, and a high-wire bike. In addition to the exhibits, the building houses a performance theater, gift store, educational program areas, the in-house exhibit workshop and staff offices. Explora is a member of the Association of Science-Technology Center...
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  • 12. Turquoise Trail New Mexico
    The Turquoise is a novel, written by the American author Anya Seton which was first published in 1946. It is a fictional story of the life of Fey Cameron set against an historical background of the United States and New York society in the mid 19th century. The book focuses on Fey Cameron, from her humble childhood in New Mexico, through to her high society life in New York, and her eventual return to her roots.
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  • 13. Sandia Mountains New Mexico
    The Sandia Mountains are a mountain range located in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, immediately to the east of the city of Albuquerque in New Mexico in the southwestern United States. The range is largely within the Cibola National Forest, and part of the range is protected as the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. Its highest point is Sandia Crest, 10,678 feet .
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  • 14. Pecos River New Mexico
    The Pecos River originates in eastern New Mexico and flows into Texas, emptying into the Rio Grande. Its headwaters are on the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Mora County north of Pecos, NM, at an elevation of over 12,000 feet feet. The river flows for 926 miles before reaching the Rio Grande near Del Rio. Its drainage basin encompasses about 44,300 square miles .The name Pecos derives from the Keresan term for the Pecos Pueblo, [p'æyok'ona].
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